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Storage Units In Bedford

Looking for Bedford Self Storage units near me? Local residents and businesses consider us the premiere self-storage facility in Bedford Hills. At Bedford Self Storage our highly trained and experienced professionals are standing by ready to help you with all aspects of your moving and storage. You’ll discover that our staff is very knowledgeable, pleasant and well-mannered. Find out for yourself! Give us a call (914) 241-7070

Why Bedford Self Storage is Considered Go To Local Facility For More Than 20 Years

storage units tenant only access illustration of keys over storage units

Tenant Only Access

Our Units Are Private & Only Accessible By Our Tenants

Since your lock is unique to you, you’re the only one who has the key or combination to access your private self storage room. Should you choose one of our locks, you’ll find them very easy to use, so you can rest assured that you won’t have any problem opening them and gaining access to your unit.

storage units photo of hallway lighting
Motion Sensor Lighting

Efficient Lighting Helps Conserve Energy

We try wherever possible to provide energy efficient lighting inside our facility. This help keep our unit pricing competitive by keeping our own costs down. High-density lighting throughout the hallways and into the units makes it easy to find your room and manage its contents.

storage units photo of unit identification number
Easy To Locate Unit Numbers

Clearly Marked Unit Number Signage

We clearly identify each unit in our facility to help make it easy for you find your storage unit.

storage units photo of inside contruction

Steel Construction

Top Storage Unit Construction

We designed our storage units to keep the contents safe and secure for the long-term. Our rooms were constructed to last. You’ll find that our “easy glide” roll up doors make it easy to move-in, access the contents and move-out. As soon as the door opens, you’ll see how well constructed the unit is. We use steel walls and concrete flooring to create the best place to keep your items safe.

Who Can Compete When The Owners Are Hands-On

We’ve had a vested in interest in Bedford Hills since we first opened our doors here more than 20 years ago. During this time we’ve established our facility as the place to turn for your residential and business storage needs. Our family is very involved in development not only in Bedford, but throughout Westchester County. Our Tarrytown facility is the latest addition to our growing network of locations throughout Westchester county. We live and work here and we’re building for long-term future here.

Self Storage Experience That’s Pioneered The Industry

We’re very active in the New York Self Storage Association and pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of self-storage technology and trends. Our unparalleled experience is something you can rely upon to insure your belongings are kept safe and secure outside your home or office. For more than 2 decades the staff of Bedford Self Storage has assisted thousand of business owners and families remove the clutter from their homes and offices and into a safe, secure private room within our facility. Call us and let one of our specialists help you (914) 241-7070.

Get Started With A Few Rental Tips

The Ins and Outs of Renting A Self Storage Unit Over The Phone

We’re all busy and understandably who wants to take time out of their day to visit a self storage facility? If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place! Over the years we’ve helped thousands of area residents and business owners who felt exactly the same way. Select the perfect storage unit over the phone is a very simple process for us and for you. And you won’t need to visit in person, unless you want to. People are surprised at how simple the process actually is. Our staff have been specifically trained to help you, sight unseen, over the phone. They’ll make sure you’re matched with a room that fits particular needs.

We simplify the process of securing a unit, cutting through all the confusing industry jargon.

We like to keep things very simple. We start by asking you a few simple questions.

1) What do you need to store

2) When do you need to store it

3) How long do you need to store it

This gives us some great options to present to you. Depending upon what you’re storing, a climate controlled unit may be our recommendation. We’ll explain our suggestion and why it how it may be able to provide the protection needed for items you may not be able to replace if not stored in the proper conditions (such as clothing and delicates). We’ll give you a few different size room options and different location options. These options are based how often you plan to access the room. For instance, a particular configuration may be better suited for your particular needs than others. A certain location within our facility may be more desirable.

Depending upon your circumstances, our Door-To-Store service may offer an ideal way to get your belongings to the facility.

A quick call will provide you with everything you need to secure a room over the phone or in person.

How Not To Waste Your Time When Renting A Storage Unit In Person

Don’t Wait – Schedule An Appointment In Advance
Call or schedule an appointment online via our live agent online. The process takes only a couple of minutes. This will block out dedicated time for one of our team members to help you without distraction and get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Spend A Few Minutes Taking Inventory Of The Items You’ll Be Placing In Storage
The better prepared you are to discuss what you’ll be storing, the better we can assist you. It’s important to not only know how many items you’ll be storing, it’s very important to know what you’ll be storing. 

This also helps us be more efficient and accurate in the process. The result is you’ll save time and money. Having a an inventory list and bringing it in with you sets the stage for a streamlined rental. Our unit specialist can easily and quickly run through your list of items and make suggestions. 

How Long Will You Be With Us?
The reason your planned stay is important is because it can affect the items you place in storage. Depending upon the time of year, climate controlled storage may be required to avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature that wouldn’t be a consideration over a shorter period of time. For instance, when temperatures rise in the summer and drop in the fall and winter.

Seasonality also affects the number and sizes of available rooms we have available throughout the year. The more flexible you are, the more options you’ll typically have available to you.

How Often Will You Need To Access The Unit?

It’s important to consider how frequently you’ll need to access the unit and the times of day. For example, an exterior unit may best suit your needs best because it’s usually the easiest to access. On the other hand, you may be able to save some money with unit on the second floor.

Climate Controlled vs Standard Self-Storage Units

Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units

Climate controlled storage keeps your items in a constant environment with a moderated temperature, eliminating extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Standard Units

Standard units are best for saving some money when the items being stored are not easily affected by fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Our Door-To-Store Service

We offer the option of completely hands off service that can help you move in without any assistance. If this sounds interesting to you, all you have to do is give us a call (914) 241-7070 and we’ll explain our Door To Store Service to you.

Self-Storage Facility Security

We take the  issue of security very seriously and consider it a top priority.

We realize that the items inside you unit are very important to you. Some of the items may even be irreplaceable. Many times an Item’s value may be worth much more than what you paid for it. It may have intrinsic, emotional or sentimental value. As a result, we think a self storage facility’s security should be a top criteria you use when deciding on which one to select.

We look at security in two ways: (1) securing unit (and limiting access to it) and (2) securing our facility, including the perimeter, inside of our gates, corridors, driveways and office.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Locating your unit and being able to easily see the contents of your unit are important reasons why we installed prominent lighting fixtures. Maintenance is also very important. Our maintenance team promptly replaces broken bulbs and switches . We’ve placed motion detectors are used where possible to provide hallway lighting.

Ongoing Maintenance

Maintaining our facility is very important to us. We pride ourselves on having a clean, well maintained facility. As owners, with a vested interest in our facility’s success, we are passionate about keeping our units and our facility as a whole clean and neat for our tenants.

Closed Circuit Surveillance TV Cameras

To provide 24 hour monitoring of our facility inside and outside, we installed closed circuit tv cameras.

Exterior Fencing

The entire exterior of our facility is fenced.

Unique PIN Number Gate Access

We control and record gate access by the issuing unique PIN numbers for each tenant. Our gate system only provides access to cataloged and recognized PIN numbers

Storage Locks

We encourage our tenants to purchase a lock onsite and because the lock is unique to them and they’re the only ones with the key or combination. This restricts unit access to the tenant and no one else.

Tenant Protection

Bedford Self Storage may be able to help you save money when you protect the contents of your unit with us. Tenant protection may cover damage to your belongings in the event of a variety of unforeseen circumstances. Your storage advisor will be happy to explain the coverage options available to you.

Self-Storage Unit Sizes

We have storage units available in many different sizes. Everyone has a unique situation that requires a specific set of storage criteria. We have over 40 different room shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs and budget.

You may need a small unit to store a small number of important or irreplaceable items. Other people might need an offsite location to store delicate items or sensitive records. Business owners , on the other hand often need a room for excess inventory and financial records.

Storage Unit Near Me Sizes . . .How To Decide? 

Most facilities just sell you their vacant units. It really doesn’t matter to them if that’s in your best interests (protecting your belongings and getting a good price).

At the end of the day, you end up paying more for a unit larger than what you need.

Our approach is very different. We match a unit to you needs. We do that by asking you a few questions and listening to what you say. Then we present you with all the options and our best suggestion. We can even do this with you over the phone.

7 Ways To Best Optimize A Storage Unit

Storage Units7 Simple Steps To Storage Unit Optimization PDF screenshot

Click Image To Download

Step 1 – Catalog What You’ll Be Storing

The first thing to do is to create list of everything you’ll be storing. Assign a unique number for each box. Note which room it goes in and what each box contains. record the size of the box and identify boxes with fragile items. Label each box. Use a label that includes: (1) your last name and (2) box number or use a black marker instead. Be sure to clearly make “FRAGILE” boxes. Labels and identification marks should be on the side of the boxes (in addition to the top) so that the contents can be easily identified when stacked.

Step 2 – Disassemble Whenever Possible

This helps maximize the unit space. Many times it’s possible to disassemble bed frames, desks, shelving and tables.

Step 3 – Create Paths To Walk And Use The Unit’s Walls

Place items along exterior unit walls to support your boxes. Stack boxes inward from the perimeter walls toward the center of the room. Leave space so that you can walk between them. Label boxes so you can read each box without having to move them.

Step 4 – Stack Boxes On Top Of Each Other

Heavy boxes become a foundation for lighter boxes placed on top of them with the most fragile boxes on the very top.

Step 5 – Leave Appliance Doors Slightly Open

Leaving appliance doors slightly open helps prevent stale air and reduces the formation of mold inside the appliance.

Step 6 – Pad and Wrap Mirrors, Picture Frames And Artwork

Wrapping padding with moving wrap can reduce breakage during the moving process

Step 7 – Place Most Popular Items In Front

It’s much easier to make sure the items you need to access most are placed nearest to the unit entrance.

3 Easy Ways To Visualize How Much A Storage Room Can Hold

Storage Units 3 steps to visualizing the capacity of a storage room PDF screenshot

Click Image To Download

Step 1 – Tape Two 5’x10’ Areas On The Floor

Ideally, do this in your garage. The idea is to create a floor template so you can see how everything you have will actually fit into the storage unit. Here’s how to do that. Measure two directly connected ‘5×10’ areas. This creates both a 5’x10’ and a 10’x20’ area. Mark them off with masking tape or painters tape.

Step 2 – Place Everything Into This Area

Placed everything within the taped area. Be sure to include all your furniture, boxes, equipment and tools. Stacking item helps you visualize how to position them in the storage unit.

Step 3 – Speak With A Storage Expert

For more information please get in touch with one of our experts by calling (914) 241-7070

Downsizing’s and Urbanization In Metro NYC and Westchester Has Impacted Local Self Storage

Urbanization has expanded in Westchester county.

Westchester now resembles more of an urban extension than a suburban one. For residents the only way to remain in Westchester through retirement is to downsize as their children leave their home and go out on their own.

Manhattan too expensive for many Westchester residents to consider. Other prefer to escape the city whenever possible.

Smaller living accommodations is the new trend for many. More densely populated areas, such as the metro NYC area have become more commonplace.

As a result of these factors, more people turn to self storage options outside of their home.


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