Door To Store Service

Moving into a self storage unit doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Why stress? Just give us a call (941) 241-7070 and we’ll take you through our Door To Store Service. A friendly member of our qualified team will be happy to assist you in selecting the correct storage room size to fit your requirements. We have everything you’ll need to move.  We offer the biggest selection of moving boxes and packing materials in the neighborhood.

ubox reviewWe offer You Box It, We Pick It Up

We offer FREE Door To Store transportation to our self storage near you conveniently located in Yorktown. All you need to do is get everything ready then give us a call 914-241-7070 and we’ll come pick up your belongings and bring them to your storage unit. So whether you are moving across town or plan on traveling the world, let Bedford Self Storage handle all of your needs.

For Whatever Your Reasons Are:
Whether it’s a career change that takes you to a new places, across town or across the country, our door to store service is there to make the transition easy, affordable as well as stress free.

Selling Your Home:
Our moving services are great when selling your home by providing the flexibility to streamline your move while selling your home.

Cleaning The Garage:
A great way to get rid of all the clutter by storing some of you seasonal items at our storage facility.

Extended Travel:
Great when you are traveling for a month, or a year, our Ubox moving and storage services will keep your belongings safe while you are away.

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How A Storage space Pick Up Service Can Assist You Today

free storage pickup in westchester countyLife is so hectic as well as busy these days. Once upon a time we loved a slower way of life that revolved all-around family, relaxation, along with anything else that struck our fancies.

Now things are really different. We tend to work harder, more hours and do not have as much time as we used to for certain things. As a substitute, we tend to shell out additional for services than we ever do before. There is a part of life that we have gotten used to as well as understand that we will maintain to employ in the future. Take, for instance, when you learned how to replace your own oil in order to save money at the mechanic’s. Obviously, you see how to change your own oil, except do you have the time to complete it?

One way we’re minimizing our lifestyles nowadays is by taking belongings out of our house and placing them into storage space. that is, of course, if you have the time to arrange your stuff and then take it down to the storage space units. Actually, who has time for that?

This is where our Door To Store service comes in. You will save yourself quite a bit of time… and money.

If you have a lot of possessions that must to go into storage soon, but you don’t have the time to transport them yourself, then it may be time to Call us (914) 241-7070.