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Door To Store Service

Moving is viewed as one of the most stressful live events and it’s even that much more stressful doing it all yourself. The process starts by finding a moving company or coercing your friends or family members to help you. Our Door To Store service is a proprietary service we launched more than a decade ago here in Bedford to help eliminate all the issues people face when moving themselves. It’s been so well received that we expanded it throughout our network of Westchester self storage locations.  We’ve simplified a very complicated process. Give us a call at (914) 241-7070 and we’ll explain the service options available to you.

Door To Store service truck

Rent A Unit From The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office

Bedford Self Storage’s team of experienced self storage professionals will spend as much time as you need assisting you from the comfort of your home or office. We remove all the pressure and stress from storage unit selection and rental process. We’ll be able to suggest moving and packing supplies, should you need them. There are a number of locations throughout our facility and various size rooms to choose from. We’ll explain these options to you so that you won’t need to visit to our facility (but we’d love to meet you in person if you wish).

Door To Store service truck

Scheduling A Tour

We designed our Door To Store service more than a decade ago to enable people to secure a storage unit over the phone without having to visit our facility. For most people, the service works just that way. However, we realize you may not be comfortable working that way. And that’s no problem whatsoever. Our Door To Store service specialists have worked with people in all different situations. So don’t worry, we’ll be able to help match you to the ideal unit.

To give you an idea, our rental process includes helping you select the type of unit (climate controlled or standard) the best suits your needs.

Another important consideration we discuss is how often you’ll need to access the unit. We’ll match a unit in the ideal location within our facility.

Who, What, Where And When

We’ll be providing you with a move-in checklist, but more on that in a minute. We first need to customize that checklist based upon who’s renting the unit (a home owner, renter or business owner). Next we take what you’ll be storing into consideration and help you determine if you’ll need a standard or climate controlled unit. After that we’ll find a location within the facility that best matches your budget and accessibility needs. Lastly, we’ll need to match the criteria to our availability.

The checklist we provide will detail the number of different size standard boxes you’ll need, the how many wardrobe boxes, padding, tape and moving equipment (such as a hand truck). Free-standing items and items that can be unassembled, such as bed frames are things we’ll discuss as well. Moving truck availability depends upon scheduled moves and we’ll go over the options with you. Then, we’ll lock in a  move-in date.

Door To Store . . . A Service Built To Save You Time And Money.

Call (941) 241-7070 and we’ll walk you through the service options.

Have everything ready? Simply contact us or give us a call. We’re the premiere storage in town handling all of your self storage needs.

Why Door To Store?

Relocating Outside The Area

If you’re relocating outside of the Westchester area you may need to store your belongings for a few weeks, months or even a year or more. We help people with relocation storage every day and welcome the opportunity to help you.

Relocating In Westchester

Relocating in Westchester may create a situation where you need to declutter your home or office or place your belongings into storage for a period of time until you can better sort out your long-term plans.

New Westchester Residents

Are you new to Westchester County ? Many of our first time tenants found us as part of their relocation to the area. Many have relied upon our Door to Store service to make the ease the stress of relocating.

Decluttering And Home Staging 

If you’re planning to place your home up for sale, your realtor will probably suggest decluttering it before taking pictures and putting onto the MLS.